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Ahpra & National Boards - Mandatory notifications about registered health practitioners

Thursday 03, Sep 2020

To protect the public from the risk of harm,  registered health practitioners and their employers must make mandatory notifications in some limited circumstances. This is a legal requirement under the  National Law. This document sets out:
•     who must make a mandatory notification
•     how to do it, and
•     how notifiers are legally protected when doing so.

It explains the circumstances that do and do not trigger a mandatory notification and the different levels of risk to be considered by notifiers.

The guidelines recognise that deciding whether to make a mandatory notification can be a difficult decision and requires a balanced judgement which should holistically consider relevant risk factors. The guidelines provide information about who may assist in making this decision (see section 1.4 How do I make a notification?).

Ahpra & National Boards - Guidelines - Mandatory notifications about registered health practitioners

Ahpra & National Boards - Mandatory Notifications