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A Mail Order Patch Testing Service for Dermatologists

Friday 17, Jul 2020

Contact Allergen Bank Australia (CABA) is a service offered by Assoc. Prof. Rosemary Nixon and her team Amanda Palmer & Suzette Foster, in Melbourne at the Skin Health Institute. The service allows dermatologists to order indvidualised patch tests for their patients and patch test in their own dermatology practices.

The service is cost friendly, easy and quick to access. Orders can be lodged online, by phone or by email.

One of the benefits of this service is that dermatologists working in regional and remote areas can patch test their patients locally.

Over 400 allergens are available for testing, which is far more comprehensive than other commercially pre-prepared patches.

As part of the service, there is access to patch testing advice, patch testing resources and educational materials.

Orders are mailed on Mondays and Wednesdays and can be received as quickly as overnight (or a couple of days for remote areas). Invoices are emailed on the day of dispatch, but a copy is also included with the package of allergens.

In addition to the mail order service, we offer a mobile nurse service. We organise a patch test nurse to visit your practice, bringing the patches and applying them to your patient. They can also dilute patient product samples as well. This service is available to Victorian dermatologists only.

If you are interested in the CABA service or the CABA mobile nurse service, or would like a price list, please email or phone 0408 306 705 for more information or to register your organisation for this service.